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Details Functional-Hybrid-Materials-Materials-Science

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry: Functional Hybrid Materials Gives an overview of the facets of industrial chemistry, illustrating the superiority of well designed hybrid materials over conventional materials, and their potential ...

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Details Polymeric-Dental-Materials-Macromolecular-Systems-Materials-Approach

Braden and his coauthors give a comprehensive overview of the use of polymers and polymer composites as dental materials. These comprise polyelectrolyte based materials, elastomers, glassy and crystalline polymers and fibres. Such materials are used ...

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Details Supplementary-Cementing-Materials-Engineering-Materials

This book is an attempt to consolidate the published research related to the use of Supplementary Cementing Materials in cement and concrete. It comprises of five chapters. Each chapter is devoted to a particular supplementingcementing material. It is ...

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Details Modelling-Stochastic-Fibrous-Materials-with-Mathematica-Engineering-Materials-and-Processes

Developments in the use of electrospun fibrous materials, for application in tissue engineering and in carbon fibrous materials in fuel cells, has generated new interest in the dependence of the properties and structure of these materials on those of ...

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Details Access-in-Nanoporous-Materials-Fundamental-Materials-Research

This series of books, which is published at the rate of about one per year, addresses fundamental problems in materials science. The contents cover a broad range of topics from small clusters of atoms to engineering materials and involve chemistry ...

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Details Flexible-Electronics-Materials-and-Applications-Electronic-Materials-Science-Technology-Band-102

This excellent volume covers a range of materials used for flexible electronics, including semiconductors, dielectrics, and metals. The functional integration of these different materials is treated as well. Fundamental issues for both organic and ...

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Details Knstliche-Material-Schnitt-knstlichen-Gerbera-Vase-Porzellan-H-26cm-whlen-Sie-Ihr-Material-creme-26x-14cm

Künstliche - Material Schnitt Gerbera künstlichen Vase, Porzellan, H 26 cm - wählen Sie ihr Material: Creme 26 x 14 cm

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Details Leading-Edge-Materials-Science-Research

Leading-Edge Materials Science Research Materials science includes those parts of chemistry and physics that deal with the properties of materials. It encompasses 4 classes of materials, the study of each of which may be considered a separate field ...